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Me and You: A daughter remembers when her mother and father were together

A girl recalls everyday events in her family life, before her parents' separation, and reflects on the love and bonds of family.

Family breakdown and separation have a significant and lasting impact and effect on children.

The following short item is from a collection of secondary school student's writings about family and home.

The writer is a teenage girl who is recalling everyday events in her family life, before her parents' separation, and reflecting on the love and bonds of family.

Of note is that what she writes about are the everyday events of her life, not the major or special activities and events.
Me and You

I remember when my mother and father were together.

I remember when my father taught me to ride my bike. I remember the green grass on which he taught me. I remember the smile on my mother's face as she watched. I remember the excitement in all of us. I remember my father holding onto the back of the bike and me telling him not to let go.

I will remember forever the evenings back then when my parents were together, sitting on my father's lap at night while my mother sat in her chair and knitted.

I remember lying on the soft carpet in front of the fire with my cat, as my mother moved my hair out of my face.

Now, even knowing my parents aren't together any more, and the bond between them is gone, I know they still love me and that's all that really matters.

Love is a bond; it's a bond between people's hearts; it's a special bond between my parents and I and we will forever be a family.

Demi Johnson
From "My Place, My Story: An Anthology of Student Writing from the Frankston Network of Schools", Page 4, 2007, Australia. Designed by Stuart Charles.
She must have special parents to make sure that she is still loved and not conflicted by their breakup.

I hope my boys can say the same for the ex and I when they are older.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
At times I find my daughter tends to compensate for her mum not doing things with her by stating "I did this at mum's first dad." When she learns to do things and achieves at our home she can't wait to show her mum or ring her and tell her, which I've always supported. She really just wants so much for her mum to be part of her achievements.

I think if you highlight problem areas they will stick fast in the child's mind, but if you highlight positive areas they will be encouraged to see that they are loved even if it is in different ways by both parents.
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