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Jennifer McIntosh will video lecture in Israel on 3 Jan 2012, Bar Ilan conference

Israeli fathers rights activists question McIntosh input at event for CPS and custody workers.

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Israel Coalition for Children and the Family

Australian (feminist and mother's-rights activist) 'researcher' Jennifer McIntosh will address a major conference at the Rackman Institute at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv on 3 Jan 2012.

McIntosh's simultaneous video-lecture will open the first part of the high level conference, which part is for a closed audience of CPS, SW child custody workers.

Feminist professors have organized this conference which appears to celebrate their  successful protracting and vitiating two recent national commissions in Israel, the Schnitt commission on child custody and Shiffman commision on child allowance.

Fathers rights activists in Israel look at reports of McIntosh's work in Australia and influence in the UK such as Robert Whiston on Jennifer McIntosh.

We wonder what does Australia have against our children?
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