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What Stops Men From Having Shared Care?

What Stops Men from Having Shared Care

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What are the issues which are barriers to men assuming shared care after divorce?

Back to the topic….

Another reason why I think men, in the judicial system, are given a bad parenting rap: past is seen as a predictor of future. In a traditional nuclear family, mum will do more of the "kid oriented" stuff. This does not mean that, once separated Dad cannot, or will not blossom into being as capable at this same "stuff", maybe even better, than Mum is.

Child rearing is not hard to learn and can be improved (or validated) by a course or reading a book. It is challenging and difficult, especially when the little monkeys leave their hermit crab unattended to go missing (and die) somewhere in the house  :dry:

Re Statistics: the value is in how they are analysed. As Jon has said before, one of the keys is to look at who is funding the gathering of stats, but also the agenda of the group that is analysing them.

Context is everything, and if another blip in the stats is ignored, it may be easy to misconstrue what's really going on.

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