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Equal Parent's Week

Children's Rights Council and Equal Parent's Week

Equal Parent's Week 26 September - 2 October 2007

This is the last date thatI can see on the CRC webpage within the site.

I cannot get to a CRC Australia page or site apart from the one discussed above.

The CRC site for the US shows a 2005 date.

Is this not something we should push and promote year in year out? If not day in day out!

Red Nose day, Jeans for Genes day, Daffodil day, Rememberance day, Movemberand many, many more - all worthwhile days and causes to remember and shed light on.

Aren't our children - our future - something really really worthwhile shedding light on, promoting and pushing?

The world, our land Australia, needs to know and change the way that vindictive and vexatious parents treat their children for the sake of punishing their former partners.

These children, my children,your children, your friend's, neighbour's, workmate's children all deserve a voice!

Can we as a group do something positive and affirmative and carry on if not kick start this tradition (that to my ignorant eyes and ears seems to have died a quiet death) - Equal Parent's Week in 2009?

Please for the children's sakes, join with me, all of you.

Or at least help me do something about this in my local area, I am not really sure how or where to start. Information and assistance would most greatly be appreciated.

On top of this I have the demon attempting to cut me out of my kids lives all together at the moment and have court dates coming out of my ears.
I have asked the Director of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia to respond to this post.

He has been intimately involved in CRC (The Children's Rights Council) and the SPCA is an International affiliate member.

The term "Equal Parents" needs some explanation. How do you see "Equal Parents" week unfolding? Are parents equal? Certainly those that have little or no time don't feel too equal.

Look forward to a little more explanation about this.

What about "Families Week"? Was that the concept you are thinking of?

Also don't miss any of those court dates.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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