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Cooperative Shared Parenting

Share the care

There is a great difference between shared care, parallel share care and cooperative share care.

We should aim for the optimal arrangement - cooperative shared care is what children respond too best.

There will always be many variables in any arrangement.

It is true that the level of entrenched conflict between parents does effect children the most, irrespective of the structural care arrangements.

For cooperative share care to work there are many parental boxes to be ticked. Share care, like many other arrangements, can work ,… however we want it to work 'well' for the children.

When there is a higher level of cooperation and a lower level of discord between parents, many arrangements can work.

Research shows that it is the relational aspect of separation (the how) as opposed to the structural aspect (the what) that effects children the most.

There is no easy answer, yet we must remain child focused throughout.
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