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Help on writing a parenting plan

Looking for help on how to write a parenting plan for my 2 young kids that involves their father with a drug problem


BACKSTORY: My children are 3 & 2 years old. Their father has had very little to do with their care, sitting by and watching me do all the caring doesn't count as being am equal parent. Recently I told him to leave the house, we were never "together" but lived alongside each other amicably for the kids. He is a habitual drug user (marijuana, I know that may not be serious to some but to me it is serious enough). He can not go a few hours with out smoking. I requested that he try and stop after the birth of both our children but he basically told me it is his want to quit not mine (his words in a letter). We are due to see a mediator in 2 weeks and I am a little worried that they will give him more access than I do now. I do have a few things I would like to request and am not sure if that is where I do  it.

At present he sees the kids for 4 hours a week (when he turns up on time and if it suits him) He chose not attend our daughters 3rd birthday party and has yet to giver her a present of a card. He is at minimum 40 minutes late every week, spends his visits concentrating on my daughter and ignoring my son (2) to the point where he turns his back on him. He spends these visits on the phone or writing text messages as well. He also bribes the kids by putting chocolate coins in his pocket - there are many more things to the list here but I think I have made my point

How do I start to write a parenting plan that states I want the visits supervised and every fortnight?
How long until it is to be reviewed?
If you are going to see a mediator, then you should have an intake interview where the mediator explains to you what mediation means.

You don't show up with a drafted parenting plan - but you need to be clear about what you will and will not compromise on so that you can come to an agreement that best works for your children. From the agreement, the mediator will draw up a parenting plan, which you can then take and get stamped by the court as consent orders if you wish.
The is a good book I have read called "mums house dads house, making two homes for your child" written by Isolina Ricci. It's worth reading as it's a great book and will give you some examples of a parenting plan.

I think it's worth going into your mediation with an idea of what you want. You try to think about every scenario like. Fathers/ Mother's Day, school holidays, vacation holidays, child birthday. Parents birthdays, Christmas Day etc etc.

I think it is worth having a plan that is very specific as it can avoid future reasons for dispute. So for example it could read "the parents will share school holidays equally Dorset half with one parents and the second half with the other, in the event of a different mutually agreeable plan the father will have child for the first half of school holidays in years ending with and even number and visa versa.

This may seem very specific, however in my opinion if good to have something very specific documented in the event mutual other agreement are not reached.
I wasn't going to write my parenting plan but was wondering if I should take some points with me? Things I need to include in it…
I did a checklist over the phone but no intake interview as such.

The book, is that available in an ebook?

I think he will need specific as he can't seem to follow the requests I currently make to him. However being the age my children are at the moment the plan will later need to be reviewed as they get older so I was wondering how long should that be?

Also is there a law regarding the other parents living arrangements? I don't really wish my children to be able to have over night stays with him if he continues to live in a 1 room garage and they will have to sleep in his bed or on the lounge. I believe my daughter should be entitled to privacy

We have a development web site at Home - AusBix where you can have a run through on a parenting plan that takes into account a wide range of issues.

We have a lot more development work to do as we found that we had many more permutations of TIME sharing than the calculator would allow for so have gone back to the drawing board and development planning stage.

As well you would already have looked through the massive database here in the forum section titled SHARED PARENTING and Shared Parenting Plans. Many of our members have published many good draft base plans.

The key thing is not to use these as a wish list and grab basket of things but to see what is applicable in your own circumstances.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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