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Draft Parenting Plan - Justice Holden Template ?

I spoke to a lawyer about my problems with my ex agreeing to a workable parenting plan.

He said that there was a Plan devised by Justice Holden which all current plans are based on and it covered most things.

I have researched it on the internet and can't find anything about it and he doesn't have an electronic copy of it handy.

Does anyone know about this at all?

Holden Template

This may be an inhouse document shared within legal circles and/or provided by the likes of CCH.

I could find no mention of it via Google.

Have a look at the parenting plan information and models provided here at the FLWG.
Is this the plan which stemmed from the book called 'Children of Divorce - A Developmental Approach to Residence and Visitation' by Mitchell A. Barris and Carla B. Garrity. It has been used as a resource throughout most of the world for childrens orders and is held in high regard?

I have a copy and highly recommend it to all.

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The link provided by Dad4Life will keep you busy for a while and there are some excellent drafts and a lot of content in there. The SPCA coupled with FLWG has developed with the help of Mediators and specialist Relationship Counsellors 4 authorative and comprehensive plans available should you not find what you need. It was our intention to publish these electronically through a selector menu but the complexity of doing so and lack of available resources has slowed this work.

Plan 1 = Cooperative Parents
Plan 2 = Time share 64% / 36%
Plan 3 = Parents a long distance from the children
Plan 4 = Parents of different Cultural backgrounds


If you are both likely to be able to agree on most things making a parenting plan will often mean sitting down together and deciding what you can both agree on for your child or children. Parenting plans generally clarify arrangements and detail some or all of the following:

Who the child will live with and time spent with each parent -Residential Agreement
Child support and financial issues - Financial Agreement
School attendance, participation in special events and sharing of information - School Attendance and Participation Agreement
How the parents will share specific responsibilities - Parent Responsibility Agreement
Where the child will spend vacations and what time the child will spend with other people such as grandparents - Vacation Agreement
Children sports special and extra curricula activities - Sports and Activities Agreement
Special day arrangements such as Christmas, birthdays etc. - Special Days and Events Agreement
The communication between children and parents, how it will happen. - Communication and Parenting Style Agreement
The process for resolving any future disagreements about the plan - Constructive Collaboration Agreement
Other issues not covered in any of the above - Special Issues Agreement

Whatever you agree on about parenting arrangements doesn't have to be written down, but if you do write it down, a parenting plan is a good way to do it.

Agreements can be made in various ways, for example, face-to-face, by telephone or by email. A parenting plan can be lengthy and detailed or it can be brief and simple. Regardless of what is included in your parenting plan it should be clear, and easy to understand.

Because the family dynamics vary from family to family there is no one-size-fits-all parenting plan that works well for all families. Your decisions will need to take into account the age of the children, their developmental stage and the pre-existing level of attachment to both parents. Some parents may have a shared parenting plan, which allows the child frequent and continuous contact and/or to live with each parent 50% of the time. Other parenting plans may limit one parent's contact to every other weekend plus a mid-week visit or mid-week overnight. Other parenting plans may be further restrictive allowing for dinner visits but no overnights.

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