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The menace of the "Black Dog"

There are big differences with "little d" depression and "big D" depression.

The issues in family law can shake a human being to his/her core and take them to the depths of despair.

The 'd' word, I am sure is something most have experienced when going through this. There are however lots of strategies to overcome and I have found that one of the best is to do a little a day and to look ahead to the day when resolution occurs.

Remember inaction while at times completely justifiable will never change the status quo!
It's a funny thing depression, it can be your best friend or worse enemy.

It can also be long term or short term.

It also seems to come hand in hand with anxiety.

Truth is you had best learn to mask it while going through this process or you will be hung, drawn and quartered at the first sign of weakness.

Well at least thats my opinion as a sufferer of clinical depression that I am and have been medicated for the last seven years plus.

But I would say I'm proof you can make it through with support.
There are big differences with "little d" depression and "big D" depression.

The sort of stress from a family law case will make anyone a little blue to midly depressed. With the removal of the stressor, the affected person will return to "normal".

Big D depression is with a person for life and needs treatment through counselling and possibly medication.

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