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Rudd Government Men's Health Initiatives

The Rudd Government will develop Australia's first national men's health policy- recognising men have poorer health than women, are likely to die earlier and are at greater risk of suicide.

My partner has been driven to economic, physcial and emotional despair by an incredibly vindictive ex-partner. His situation is not uncommon. Without myself as a support I seriously think he would have gone under at some point and taken his life.

It's offensive, because this is a large and obvious reality for many people on this site.

I find this upsetting because you are basically doing the same thing.

It is obvious you are overly focussed on people (it's not always men you know) how are into child pornography. To highlight this as a "reason" for the higher male suicide is inferring that there is a large component in the male population that are participants in child pornography.

You then go on to cover your tracks with other possible causes, subtly returning to your leitmotif whenever possible.

This is the baseless allegation that you make, that you refuse to comprehend from my post.

I can see you becoming more emotional as you get pushed further into a corner of you own design, when people start to make good points you become dismissive in order to deflect what has been said.

Focus on child pornography:

"in light of the recent investigation of Operation Centurion, how many male suicides could be attributed to being caught in possession of child pornography?"

"I would imagine getting interviewed by the Aust federal Police for downloading kiddie porn would be considered a High Level Stressor."

"It is the first time I have raised the possibility of some male suicides being attributed to child pornography. [no, I count 2 previous comments]
Why? Because I see the figures of 3 or 4 or even 5 male suicides for every woman being thrown carelessly around this site in support of the stress that only men experience in the event of a divorce or separation.
As NO reasons are given on the official statistics for suicides, you have to take into account various reasons. This is one and I am sure you are not suggesting that the current rate of only one suicide for someone caught accessing such a site is indicative of the real rate. [no, but I think YOU are] The newspapers where I live have had many cases.
In the absence of any reasons given, you cannot take a blinkered view of why men commit suicide. To do so is irresponsible and probably ignoring the real reasons and denying those people the help they need."

Dismissive attitude:

"I would ask if Professor De Leo is married or divorced?"

"Are you asking me to provide links to my local newspaper? If so take your pick from the following comments: no way Jose, As if!! You have got to be joking! Hell no!"

"let's all go check our prostates" ??? Yes, I admire your commitment to men's health.

Supporters of mens groups claim that do not need statistics now as nobody can ask a deceased person why they did it and besides everybody knows that women don't suffer like men do in divorce and the men who suicide due to child molestation are only 1 or 2.

And finally this:

 "I completely understand the Operation Centurion situation does not help men's
causes at all and I completely understand you wanting to refute that."

What logic is this?
Why the link between men's groups and Operation Centurion? Unless, again, you are inferring that the reason men's relationships end (and access to their children is denied) because they are all child molesters?

I offer a link to a feminist site with an editorial on male suicide: > editorial > Are Fathers' Rights a Factor in Male Suicide?

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 

An emotive and polarised topic

A number of members have made posts in this topic. What started as a discussion about a Men's Health Policy has degenerated into something else.

The reality is we live in a first world country what some think is a second rate health system. More resources are needed. A growing issue is Men's health.

The general state of health in our Abouriginal population is a national disgrace.

The official figures for Male suicide according the the ABS put in the same region as road accident deaths and work related deaths. Suicide is a significant problem! What ever the events or health issues that trigger a suicide, it is always truamatic for the family and friends left behind. There is a general consensus amoung the experts that most suicides are preventable, given appropriate intervention and recognising the early warning signs.

As for what the actual figures on suicide are, nobody is quite sure. Even the ABS point out that their statistics on the subject for a number of reasons. Mostly relating to the Coronial Process and different methods of reporting from the different states. Also noted by the ABS is the only way a death is counted as a Suicide is where there is a Coronial Finding. Coroners Courts will only make a finding of Suicide when there is clear proof. Many cases where there isa suspicion it is Suicide get listed as misadventure, accidental or undertermined because there is insufficient evidence to support a finding that the death was a suicide.

An interesting refence for National Statistics on Suicide can be found at

The list compares the Suicide Rate per population for many countries, and includes suicide rates for Male, Female and Total.

The list is prefaced by a warn to be carefull about how the data is used because of various reporting issues, Including a comment that societal attitudes to suicide may cause some suicide to reported as being due to another cause.

The triggers that lead a Person to the decision to suicide are now the subject on much research. More research is being done on recognising those warning signs. I believe suicide risk pevention will eventually be part of any first aid couse.

Until that day we must be careful about jumping to conclusions. We must also be carefull not allow the invetigation to be diverted for other puposes.

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