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Mens Health Policy - The six point plan

Positive outcomes from the conference through a six point plan.

Positive Outcomes from the conference held in Canberra at parliament house on Wednesday 19 March 2008

Goal:  Formation & Implementation of a strengths-based National Men's Health Policy, including recognition of the indigenous men's health gap

Step 1 Australian Labor party's election commitment to a National Men's Health Policy

Step 2 Establish and resource a high level unit within the Health department to implement this policy

Step 3 Commitment to Community engagement with Indigenous and Non Indigenous alike

Step 4 Meeting of forum representatives with Federal Health Minister

Step 5 Ensure community engagements by establishing a task force of key stake holders

Step 6 Commitment in May 2008 Federal Budget to fund the development of the National Men's Health Policy.

The commitment at the Men and Fathers Health Forum 08

To report our 6-step plan recommendations and your comments and responses as Parliamentarians to more than 100 one hundred men's fathers family groups around Australia

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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