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Want my kids to visit me

i live in NT my ex lives in SA, she refuses to let our boys to travel to me for visit and stay in my home, even though in the orders state(made in the NT) i don't need her permission, at present I have to take time off work, travel to Adelaide, hire a car and drive 3hrs to her home town, and stay in a van park just so i can spend time with our kids (orders state equal shared responsibility as item 1). At present I have followed her direction for the sake of the children and to avoid conflict.
I am currently trying to amend the paper work to vary the orders to clear up any misinterpretation, but am unsure of how to word it to say that the kids will travel to visit me twice a year (in my home town), mid year and end of year holidays(6 wks a year), with out need of her permission/consent which she believes at the moment the orders state!

any ideas?

This will ultimately be SRL can anyone point me in the right direction?
                  I think that you need to look into getting the orders changed by taking the matter to court as contraventions of the orders made. My best advice would be to try to join the SRL-Resource. They exist to help people help themselves to self-represent. They include some very experienced people. Here's a link that you may find useful SRL-Resources
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