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Unfortunate Circumstances

Looks like final hearing to be adjourned for some time.
It seems the effect of the family report along with voluminous amount of material I subpoeaned was to much too bear for my x.

She took an overdose & is now in hospital.
I feel a little sad for the children, but she might actually get some help now & address all her issues she has denied.

Family law, ugly stuff. I'm pretty certain now the battle is over.

from a mothers side it is very stressful for the best of us as not only are we trying to hold together the day to day things with the children.
I don't know what your seeking, or what problems your wife or yourself is having, but I do know the thought of some one trying to take the kids on a permanent basis is a hard thing to digest. Yes i am a firm believer  it is important and healthy for a father to have a relationship and consistent contact with the children and some circumstances the kids are best with the father but we have had the child grow in us and physically gave birth to them and i feel its a different bond we have.
I'm not saying the father doesn't have a bond either.

I know growing up my mum put my dad through a bit of hell and once I found out these things when older I now resent my mother, so I would be careful of how far you do push the mother as it may give you what you want at the time but long term they may resent you as they may see it as watching their mum go through hell and back because of dad.    
If they resent me from taking them out of an environment where they were constantly exposed to a chronic alcoholic with serious mental health issues who would feed them 2 minute noodles every night so she & her partner could spend 60% of Centrelink benefited on alcohol. Just for starters. I'll be happy to wear that…
Like I said In response
"I don't know what your seeking, or what problems your wife or yourself is having"
"and some circumstances the kids are best with the father"

Why haven't DOCs been involved if they are deprived of food and in a dangerous environment. I would of thought being that bad the family report would recommend urgent removal of the children.

And my statement said they may resent you for watching their Mum become potentially worse or hospitalised as a result of your material like you mention that you subpoenaed.
Its about them watching their Mum get worse as a result of their Dad and stress from court. But if your best interests is for the children and can provide them with a better environment as the Mother is as bad as you say then children should understand.
Court is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, it was a lengthy time consuming, costly stressful experience. My child had a fantastic relationship with father, father and i remained close friends after separation for 12 years then Father stopped playing his sport and decided he wanted the child to live with him permanently and child saw me change as a result of stress from court and child heard father say nasty horrible lies about me , I would hide as much as I could but child is not stupid and of age, now my child refuses to talk to father and is so angry with him for what father created. That's why I made the comment, but if your happy to wear that then that is your choice, good luck :)
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