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Understanding Family Law ACT 1975 - SECT 106B

Someone please translate

Hi All,

Apologies if this is the wrong sectiong to post but it is technically a Family Court Issue.

To cut a long story short, I am caught in the cross fire between a family dispute between a Husband(Party a) & Wife(Party b) over money.  And not to get into detail but basically an arrangement was made by party(a) with someone else (Party c) regarding this money without my knowledge.  Because party( c ) had ties with me and my accounts, on record it looks like that I was involved. Now I find myself in court trying to defend my honour from a lawyer who is trying to apply on me the Family Law ACT 1975 - SECT 106B.

Can someone please translate this ACT for me (attached), how it will\can be enforced and how I can defend myself from it.

Many thanks in advanced.

Family Law ACT 1975 - SECT 106B
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