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Dads_R_Tops said
Seems like this solicitor is very unreasonable ???
Not at all. You do not understand the process
Dads_R_Tops said
Facts: Document required for Proper Forensic Purpose destroyed, hence I can only subpoena the solicitor but his reply was…

Solicitor wrote: *** I have no specific recollection of the matter. I can tell from my computer records it was completed some 8 years ago.
I would be unable to prepare any useful statement nor give any useful evidence in the matter.
If you choose to waste my time and that of the court by calling me to give evidence, I would require my time paid for prior to appearance. My present hourly rate is $412.50 but this may have increased by that time.
I would produce this conversation in support of my claim that you had been warned that I have no independent recollection of the matter.***

Can this solicitor ask for those things above especailly the amount of conduct money???

Dads_R_Tops said
Can I still give him $75/day anyway. Is it worth subpoena-ing this "hostile" witness??
Whats with the $75 a day? He can claim for whatever he has lost. He is not being called for jury service.
Why would you subpoena a hostile witness
Dads_R_Tops said
Is there a way to get him to make a frank statement?? besides from cross examining??
He has made a frank statement - he does not recollect!
Dads_R_Tops said
Is this unprofessional behaviour especially when I have paid good money for his "Professional" services?

What good money did you pay and for what services?
Dads_R_Tops said
Is he hiding something? especially when he says that he has destroyed the records and then he says "my computer records" indicated that "it was completed 8 years ago"??
How long did you pay him to keep the records for?

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Hi Dads_R_Tops.  It seems obvious that the statutory requirement to retain the documents you require has expired.  As far as I know the requirement is for the documents to be retained for 7 years,  Once that occurs the documents can then be destroyed.  I could be wrong because I haven't read up on it for quite a while and the laws could change.
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