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The right direction

A clear starting point, and steps forward.

I'm very close to filing my initiating application to FMC as a SRL.

I have my affidavit virtually completed and a parenting plan being reviewed. I understand a very small amount of the process that I am about to embark on, a very small amount indeed.

I have been searching through FLWG for about a week now and I am beginning to become overwhelmed. I simply don't know what I should be doing/learning/reading first. What comes next. What's important and what's not. I went to the SRL-R page and took the quiz…WoW do I really need to learn about who the AG was in 2007? Clearly I didn't pass and didn't get to join the group.

Could someone/anyone please point me in the right direction with some kind of outline on what I need to be doing/learning about as a matter of priority?

Thanks for reading this.
The first step in a long journey could be to decide which path to take.

Each case is so different it is hard to recommend.

My advice is to set out what you are attempting to achieve and how you plan to get there in a brief point form.
Decide your optimal outcome and the minimum you would accept and then settle for a draw. If parties can agree on the main issues then flesh out the detail.

So first set out the orders you seek.
Then you will prepare your affidavit to explain why these orders should be made and how the will operate.

Section 60, 61 and 65 of the Family Law Act are the main aspects of child related matters.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you"

Executive of SRL-Resources
Thanks Patronus.

I know exactly what I want to achieve, but given the circumstances of my case I'm not sure how to achieve it.

I have attempted to negotiate with the mother via mediation and other avenues but she flatly refuses shared care stating that "she" is not ready.

I was hoping to avoid court court but obviously without her cooperation that is a pipe dream.

Without going into detail, I'll say that the cards are heavily stacked against me in a court environment.

I have purchased some books on family law proceedings and what not, but I feel as though I am wasting time learning about things that are not necessary and concerned that I am missing things that are absolutely required.
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