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Hi guys,

Well my understanding of using text messages in Affidavits or as evidence is that they would have to be relevant to prove a point in the fact or argument you are undertaking and would need to be very relevant to the fact to be admissable as evidence. It certainly is a good idea to have available text messages transcribed by a third party, then witnessed by a JP, but I think someone already touched on the fact they would need to be used at the right time.

I wasn't sure about the use of texts at all until I received my ex's Affidavit which included a couple of texts he had sent to me.  The format by his lawyer was date, time and transcribed message.  As far as my end goes I wasn't overly concerned with the content of these texts but given they were "selective" and did not provide an accurate account of what really occurred (I had kept the others he had sent to me at the same time - there were none from me, text messaging isn't my thing and I don't have communication) I added the other texts to my own Affidavit to "fill in the gaps" and just used the same format as his legal rep had used in his Affidavit.

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