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is it possible

my ex partner has some history that i wish to subpeona for our court case. this information is in relation to his current partner and several other parties   none of which are related to me. this information is from Families SA  can i subpeona it and if so how do i go about that? is it as simple as fillinf out and filing the form or is it my duty to sent that for to the relevant parties? do i need approval from anywhere else?

Here is an option to consider.

If your matter is listed with the court you are bound by the Family Law Rules. Look firstly at posing Answers to Specific Questions Rule 13.26. (Max. 20 questions - one hit I understand - consider carefully) - Part 13.3 Answers to specific questions.
Should there be non-compliance an entitlement to obtain orders for that purpose exist in that area of the rules. The rules require the other party to file an affidavit in response to the questions.

There is a need to justify the issuing of a subpoenas for self represented persons. By firstly specifying the documents sought the chance of being granted leave to put the subpoena is enhanced and focused.
The information from a government department is generally available by subpoena if pertinent to you and your matter. They tend to be overworked and it seems that it takes time. The court's information line is worth contacting. They will advise on procedures. Framing your questions to them in that context may yield results.

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You have made 5 postings in this forum which reveal a great deal about your case.

The forum is public, can be read by the public and indexed by web search engines. I suggest that you register with SRL-Resources to become a member so that your postings can go into a secure area of the site which cannot be read by the public or indexed by search engines

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 

Subpoena can get almost anything but needs to be supported

A subpeona can get you most documents. However they must be relevant to issues in dispute and you will have to convince the presiding judicial officer of the need for the documents.
What usually happens is you subpoena the documents you want.
They are delivered to the court.
The parties then have a chance to argue whether the documents should be disclosed to other parties and what restrictions may be placed on them.
In some cases you can inspect only and are not allowed to copy them. In any case always ask for leave to inspect and copy at the return of the subpoenas.
It is a contempt to inspect before leave is given to inspect.
It is also a contempt to use the documents for any purpose other than the proceedings in which they are disclosed.
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