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Submission of case outline and affidavit for final orders

Please help! I have a final orders hearing scheduled for the 7th July with Affidavits and Case Outline due on the 23rd of June (for both applicant and respondant). I am wondering if anyone has a sample case outline that I can follow or advice on how I should present the evidence I have supporting my affidavit (do I just include as annexures to my affidavit as I did with my response to interim orders ?).

I really have little idea here and am self representing to avoid bankruptcy so any help is appreciated.
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Go to the top of the page and click 'community' then you will see it on the left hand side.
I used the case outline template and changed it for a property settlement.
The ex's barrister said that I used a lawyer to write it and that I would not have had enough education to
write such a good outline.
BTW his was "C@#*" - full of irrelevance.
Thanks Rosey. I've submitted my application for SRL-R earlier in the week so will just wait until its processed and then use the case outline template from the site, sounds like it worked well for you.

It's a shame that your ex's barrister would make such disparaging remarks but in my experience when someone has to resort to personal insults like that, its because they are feeling threatened so take it as a compliment that your case outline was well researched, succinct and put him to shame.
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