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Submission at Interim Hearing

How to prepare the sibmission for interim hearing?

Please help with Self Representation

My interim hearing (time allocated 1 hour) will be 28 Oct 2010 so I have not much time to prepare. I am the applicant and for many reasons I have to be an SRL. I expected the final hearing soon so I prepared Open Address and cross examination questions. Alas, unexpectedly, my ex filed affidavit and asked for the permission to take our son to Sydney (we live in Perth, her sister lives in Sydney) and/or to Indonesia. Until now she had injunction preventing her to remove him from Perth, which was my only real success in the FCWA as yet.
I am sure that once she gets permission she will never bring him back to Perth. Now brief history:

From the beginning of separation she took 2 false VRO against me. I took the letter of undertaking for the first one and successfully defended the second one.
I was charged by police for common assault and I was acquitted.
For few months I did not see our 2 yo son.
Then SEW prepared negative report stating that I am a risk to the son and suggested psychiatric assessment and parenting course. I completed the parenting course.
I then saw my son under supervision first for 2 hrs a week, then 2 hrs a fortnight.
The Relationships Australia's report was very positive for me.
The psychiatric report was very positive for me too.
After psychiatric report the ICL has changed and the new one is now not hostile to me.
She lost the Legal Aid lawyer. She is SRL now too.
The interim orders have changed to having my son at my home 2 times a week, 3 hrs each time, without supervision, with changeover at Relationships Australia.
From the beginning of separation (on the hearing date will be exactly 2 years now) until today she refuses any contact with me and I do not risk another VRO.
The review of SEW is ordered and will be done soon but maybe not before the 28 October. I will see him on the 4 Oct.

My questions are about submission at the hearing. Until today I did not even know what submission was but I found out on webguide pages some info about a submission. I do not know how to prepare it and when I will have to present it during hearing.
I found that there will be no cross examination at interim hearing. Is that correct?

I am convinced that she now see that my position is getting stronger, the SEW can change his opinion, so she wants simply to escape. We are both on Centerlink for many years now but she can take SPP for 6 months living in Indonesia, then come alone, claim it again and go back. Even if she just relocate to Sydney I will have no way of moving there after a child or even visit him. I used to work for many years but now I have macular degeneration and am 60 so its too late for any career. She is now 40, 9 years in Australia but she never worked. I was enjoying taking care of the baby for 2 years as primary care giver but she took him away once she finished her degree at uni. Now the child is 4 yo. She denies that I ever took care of a child.
It is really important that you have your child placed on a non-departure list from australia.

In the interim hearing coming up, ask the judge for orders to be made about this.

Also, you must ask the judge to make orders specifying that the place of residence should be in perth, because relocation would affect the child's right to have a meaningful relationship with his father. given that mother has resided in perth for some years it would be hard for her to convince a judge she needs to relocate. Also, she is now educated with her degree, so she can find work there in perth to enable access.

A submission would take the form of an affidavit, and include all relevant details just like you put on your post, that you were acquitted, and have done parenting course etc, and complied with all orders to date.

hope this helps,
Thank you stormsurge
I done already the affidavit in response and filed it. I found that the submission at the interim hearing is "arguments presented to the court to make the orders you want."
Maybe I am wrong, but I thought that the submission at the Interim Hearing is some sort of oral presentation on top of the affidavit.
Much obliged if someone can definitely clarify that and answer the following questions as well:

1. When during Interim Hearing I will be allowed/required to give the submission? I am the applicant, will that be at the beginning?

2. Will there be cross examination allowed? Without cross I will be not able to prove the facts. I have documents to prove some of them.

3. During the 2 year of case there were many affidavits filed on both sides.
Will they be all used at final hearing or the new, single affidavit will be required that summarizes all previous ones?

4. If you do the Case Outline, who is the Case Outline for? Is it for myself, for the judge, the other party (to be filed/served)? What is the chief purpose of preparing it?

Much obliged if you can answer my questions.
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