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Step by Step of Initiating application

Hi im new around here.

In the past month i have filed Initiating application for final orders to the magistrates court, and the other party has been served.

Whats going to happen on the day? Can you give me a step by step of what to expect?
Hi have you received a date to appear?
Yep, dates all set for feb.
Hi, usually the first return date the magistrate confirms the next step, which usually takes all of a few seconds.

The FM may ask whether the other party has been appropriately served and an affidavit of service has been also filed.  Other considerations is the type of case, whether it is CSA, or children's or property settlement.  As result, property valuations, mediation and/or family reports will probably be the next step.

The time lapse between stages is like being pregnant!  You feel like when you first discover then you are just busting to have the first appointment with the midwife.  I suppose what I am saying is that each step there are months in between actions.  Sometimes six or more.  There is quite a bit of administration and due process from initial application to the final hearings date, and judgement.  I think one of the reasons is that it gives time for the parties to hopefully sort out their issues without the need for court intervenltion.

My experince is that everything takes too long.  For example, my application I filed in October 2010 -  it's a contravention application, and finally the mediation was held (unsuccessfully) last week November 2011. My matter will have another directions hearing in Feb 2012.  

In the country circuits, the process is much slower, that is, there are fewer sitting days and final orders may take up to 24 months.

I hope this helps.  Be patient and good luck.
thankyou for the info :)

Its general parenting orders.
Mediation was a fail, ive supplied the court with a 601. The other party didnt want to attend.
It is through the circuit too! Damn lol.

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