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SRL or Barrister...that is the question

I am a SRL and final hearing/trial is next week. The other party was represented by Legal Aid however they filed a Notice of Withdrawal as Lawyer last week. The other party hasnt filed a Notice of Address for Service. I am assuming the other party will be a SRL now although His Honour made it quite clear all SRL were to let each party and his associate know before a certain date which was weeks ago.
My question is, could the other party turn up with a barrister?
I know this possibily isnt an issue but it would still be nice to know if they can do this without notice.
I think the other party could turn up with a solicitor and barrister at the last minute as I think you be become represented at any point in time. I don't think they can just turn up with a barrister as I asked my senior counsel could I instruct her rather than have a solicitor and she advised me that this was against the Victorian bar rules and that she could only be instructed by a solicitor.
Yes the other party can 'turn up' with a Barrister and with an excuse as to why the Court was not informed.

To avoid confusion yes some Barristers will take direct briefs however this is not common as:
SRLS often do not understand the complexities of their case.
SRLs have not been 'buffered' by a solicitor.
Many people do not know how to write a case brief.
SRLs will occasionally try to use the Barrister as a solicitor and make them a recipient of unnecessary phone calls.
Well final hearing is tomorrow so I will find out then.
I'm not feeling nervous at the moment but I'm sure that will change in the morning.
Three long years is coming to an end and I hope after this my mind will be free to think about other things.
I will let you all know the outcome.  
What is the outcome.
I have made another post with the outcome. Finally it's over.  :)
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