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Specialist conducting family reports and pysch tests

Can one challenge the opinion of a court appointed expert, if so what is the best way forward?

Mother and Father sent for PYsch Testing with Private shrink who does alot of court appointed work, Father is seen first and Mother second. Mother attends physically sick, having not taken her anti depressants for a week due to Viral illness. Shrink still does assessment for approx 100 mins. Shrink is quite critical towards Mother during process and ultimately writes report stating mother has a personality Disorder of Borderline without speaking to or consulting B's Own shrink. Shrink does not consult with Mothers Own Shrink who is treating her for Post Natal Depression. Mothers own shrink is not in agreement with the Diagnosis provided by Court appointed Shrink.

Forward 15 Months, Father accuses Mother of sexual abuse of 3 year old son, Police and DHS investigations conclude stating no evidence to support fathers allegations and rather it appears father misunderstood GP and assumed Sexual Abuse. Father detains child for 2 weeks against court orders and Mother lodges urgent recovery order to get child back. Father simply agrees to hand child back at recovery order. Judge orders further investigations of both the parties pysch position and the allegations made by the father.

Current Mother and Father attend for new Pysch tests and Family review- New shrink is provided with copies of previous Court appointed shrinks opinion and all relevant Court Documents.


Do the courts really believe that a one or two hour assessment with Court appointed experts is a significant to base decisions on?
  • How hard is it to successfully challenge Court appointed experts opinion?
  • is there a governing body to report misconduct of Court appointed experts?
I hope a learned person gives you some good advice. Because I could use the same advice.

Court-appointed-pyschs are dangerous.

A person who can't pay gets another person who can't pay to guarantee that he can pay. Like a person with two wooden legs getting another person with two wooden legs to guarantee that he has got two natural legs. It don't make either of them able to do a walking-match. Charles Dickens
I think how hard it will be to challenge will depend largely on what the most recent psych report says. If this too is negative, then that is pretty damning evidence. One shrink might be wrong, two independant shrinks, evaluating 15 months apart with the same opinion are likely to be onto something.
I'd like an answer on a similar question. I've been resisting going back to Court for some time, despite a complete lack of cooperation from the mother and an almost complete lack of communication.

We had a mediation session, which I organised, a week ago, during which, at various times she screamed "don't you look at me" while I was listening to her say her piece. She claimed i was "trying to intimidate" her by "looking at her". At another point she sat there with her fingers in her ears. I'm concerned that she is fast approaching some form of personal crisis and that my kids may be in danger. Last year, she took the kids out of school for 30 days each to attend "counselling" for "violence", claiming that I pick them up from school every afternoon just so I can "abuse them".

I should add that she has had two previous goes at getting a DVO, one of which I eventually accepted without admission, since it had dragged on for 7 months and there were Family Court matters to attend to. The other was dismissed by the magistrate, who told her "don't you think it's time to grow up and take some resonsibility for communicating with the father of your children?"

So where from here? The kids are in their early teens and they just want some stability, so I'm not interested in changing care arrangements, which were working well until she started her shenanigans. I simply want her prevented from damaging the kids because of her neurosis. Is a psych evaluation of us both a good place to start?
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