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SOS ? Same Ol' Same?

Family Court expidites case, mediator bias, zero access, fabrications

Last night I was talking to a guy who had just come out of compulsory mediation in the Family Court.  The mediator told him that he couldn't have contact with his baby because the mother doesn't want him to !

I emphasise that this information is second-hand based on a phone call.  I hope to talk to him at length today to clarify the facts.  So I will not reveal the name of this mediator until I am more confident of the facts, but my first impression is that she should be sacked.

Although my friend has had contact with his new born daughter (two months ?) up until now, since yesterday's mediation he now has no access until Final Hearing.  Today he heard for the first time allegations and accusations of sexual abuse (with the partner ?) in a previous relationship he had had.  He had never heard of this before today (ie totally fabricated).

I know this guy and I know this is fabrication !  If you were to meet him you would understand why it incenses me so much.

He was quietly confident going in, and totally flabbergasted coming out.  He is the Applicant. Strange - there seems to be a rush to a Final Hearing - case started in June, "Final Hearing" at end of July ?  No Family Report ?  What is going on here ?  (Yes we want cases to be expedited, but other cases are still taking at least a year up here in Cairns).

As someone has said, mediators are not supposed to tell anyone what to do.

My friend has written down as much of the "mediation" as he could immediately afterwards.  He wants a transcript, but of course mediations are not recorded.  (They should be !)

Anyway, it seems to me the Family Court is continuing to bully dads - particularly dads without a solicitor.  I believe bullying is a deliberate strategy to get them to agree to minimal contact (but in this case none?)

Facts and perceptions change as you get a fuller picture.  I will try to give a more complete and more accurate picture in my next post…
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This case is in the FMC. The Father lodged the papers on the 13th June and the first return (mention) is on the 23rd July before a registrar. The usual 5-6 weeks before a first return.

The Father lodged the papers before the birth of the child who is only 3 weeks old.

Family Reports can only usually be ordered by a Federal Magistrate (or Judge) and are primarily to determine the relationship between the child and the parents. Because of the child's age this would be an extremely unusual step to make.

Contact at best (unless the Mother consents otherwise) will only be supervised and for short periods (tender years doctrine) until the child is able to understand the differences between the adults.

As regards the mediator there are on occasions, situations where both parties are upset or misinterpret what was actually said. Since the mediation process is confidential - complaints about the nature of the mediation or the Mediator go to the Registry manager. Mediators are not under the control of Bryant or Pascoe.

It appears the mediator has told him the mother's views and until there are Court orders to the contrary nothing can be achieved.

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