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Some urgent advice sought please!

Hi all, first of all many thanks for this wonderful resource.

I am listed for a final hearing for parenting issues(lives with/contact) at the FMC on 27/02/2009 (this Friday). I applied for and was granted legal aid and engaged a solicitor who, to this point in time, has done the mere basics and seems to be always pointing me to the path of least resistance where I feel I have a reasonably strong case, anything I think is of importance is usually summarily dismissed by her.

I only received the Family report last Friday and it was completely flawed and full of misrepresentations. I am gravely concerned this report will adversely affect my case and I have been trying to contact my solicitor, via email and telephone, to discuss it but have received no reply.

Unfortunately it has been the norm for me to contact my solicitor, on the few occasions I needed to, only to either receive no reply or a very belated one. I am seriously considering disengaging her and becoming an SRL because this is the most important thing in my life and I want to get it right. I have done many, many hours of research including familiarising myself with the relevant sections of the Family Law act.

My case is in 4 days, I have no trial affidavits, even though I wrote one myself and emailed it to my solicitor and I want to have the report writer cross examined as well but time is running out. Im so very scared I will be insufficiently prepared and I need some urgent advice on how to proceed.

I have applied to join SRL via the "urgent" email facility.

Thanks in advance.
Good luck with your case. I know how you feel & have ended up representing myself before. All I can say is good luck as I do not want to be shot down by other members if I give you the wrong advice. I hope all goes well for you.

Where will you be at the Sydney or Parramatta Courts??

Are you saying that your FINAL hearing is in 3 days?? or is it a procedural hearing?


I spoke to one of the guys in Sydney and all has been sorted, thank you very much for the prompt reply and help.
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