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Shared time with my son

Sorry artemis and mikeT. I was a bit defensive.
That's admirable Shelia, thanks. Also be assured that many of us were also just as, if not more defensive at times, it's part of what most, if not all, go through.

You may be interested in reading stuff about the emotional stages of separation, it can be a great help to understand what's going on and often doing so then reduces what goes on. Here's one pointer if you are interested Divorce Recovery (I've only scanned through this, I was looking for something that I recall seeing but can't think where it was).
As per Mike's sentiments.

Coming here to vent and find out what's fair and reasonable are all good things :)

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Artemis said
Guess what, kids are smart and they figure out that a parent is a bit of a twit BUT, another guess what, they still love them and want to spend time with them.
Just adding another "guess what" to the mix, they pick your low estimation of the other parent out too and that can affect how they respect you. So try (and I KNOW how hard that can be) to keep your opinions of the other parent to yourself.

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