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Response Afidavidt not served yet. What do I do?

I was served in late Feb by ex, to appear in Federal Magistrates Court in early June for an interim hearing. She wants to force our child to change schools.

I filed a response within 14 days. Then found out the Bailiffs Office has been closed down permanently. The person on the counter of the magistrates court could only give me a flyer with contact details for the bailiffs. It took a week to get in touch with one, in which time I just posted the Response to the P.O. Box on the flyer.

Since then I have written and filed an Amended Response Affidavit in second week of April. Went through the same shenanigans with the Bailiff.

However it is now almost May, and the Baliff still hasn't served either document, and hasn't cashed the cheque I sent him for payment. He almost never answers his phone, has not responded to my SMS, or email.

What do I do? If these Affidavits aren't served, they aren't admissible as evidence. I have only 4 weeks before the interim hearing.

Can I ask for the Interim Hearing be post-poned?
Sunflower, this topic is well over a year old. Your response is sadly, well out of time.
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