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Quoting someone else


A friend told me information (a very brief/simple "eye witness" account) of something that happened.  For me to use or quote that information, would I have to get an affidavit from them?  Could I just get a stat dec?

What they have to say/account for would really only be 2-3 lines of text.  No complex details, just something along the lines of saying that they "saw X person with X person, doing (everyday activity), on xx-xx-2010 at XX event".

I feel uncomfortable asking my friend to "get involved" any further than doing a stat dec.
Depends what court you're in.

If your matter is in a Family Law Court, you'd need to file an affidavit on the prescribed form.

If your matter is a local court matter, then a Stat Dec should suffice.

In respect of friends getting involved, my flatmate filed an Family Court affidavit  in support of me. 2 weeks later he was accused of sexual abusing my 4 year old daughter!

Your friend needs to understand the possible consequences of supporting you. And they need to be prepared to follow that support through to the end.

Thanks again.

Excuse my inexperience, but are all custody/parenting order matters held in a 'Family Law' court?  Or could they sometimes be in a local court?
Depends on the jurisdiction. Some local courts can deal with family law matters to a limited extent. They can deal with consent orders for example. Where there is a dispute in relation to parenting, a Family Law Court (Family Court or Federal Magistrates Court) is where it will likely end up.

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