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Questions about methods to be served documents to\from SRL & incomplete documents received by post\fax


After coming across this site, I've decided to dip my toe in and ask a few questions to start with for my and my friend's case.

Both of our matters are in the Sydney Family Court and without going into too many details, I'd like to know about the following:

1. Method of serving official documents:

My friend and I have had some bad experiences serving documents properly on our respective ex's law firms in the past and I would like to know why they are allowed to fax & post us official documents but when we do the same, they deny having received the documents in question in court especially when we have both faxed to the law firms in question saying that we'd like to be served the documents in person (rather than by fax and post).

2. Incomplete Documents:

My friend has received an incomplete set of documents via fax (it was missing one critical page of the ex's affidavit) and by post and her cost hearing is coming up on Monday week. What options does she have when she gets to the hearing? Can she say that she'd like the cost hearing to be cancelled on the basis that the documents she received are incomplete? What other action could a law firm take if they were served with an incomplete set of documents? What I am basically getting at is what can she legally do when she was served with an incomplete set of documents?

Thanks in advance & God bless

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