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Psychological abuse/neglect..

3year old told "Mummy never wants to see you again."

My child was returned to me today half asleep but in hysterics crying 'I don want mummy'. He has NEVER acted this way before. When I finally calmed him enough to ask what was wrong, what happened? What did they (father & family) say or do? He said his father told him to tell me 'I don't want Mummy' and 'shut your pie hole' and that his aunt said 'Mummy never wants to see you again'.

My child was hysterical and I couldn't soothe him until I knew what was wrong. Upon him telling me, I reassured him that I love him and I always want to see him etc. He then went back to sleep in my care and has slept solidly for over 3 hours now, indicating he wasn't given a nap as I was told either.

Does anyone have advice on how I can stop the father and paternal family tormenting my child? Is this behavior considered abuse/neglect?

A supporter of 'Family Violence is NOT O.K.' and equally of 'Fight for Good Father's Rights'.
Perhaps you should write a non-threatening letter explaining what happened and ask that the child not be exposed to this sort of abuse?
I have this so much it is not funny.
Every day, tell your child how much you love him and nothing or no one can change that, but best of all show him you love him, with your time.

I have found that if you validate them, listen, acknowledge what was said they tell him, that who ever said that was not behaving.  Never put the other person down or bad mouth them.  He knows already he just needs for you to know he is hurting because of what they said and probably got worried that you may believe it if he told you.
Hi Amre

Over the years, I have had similar experiences with both my children. If there's any conflcit with your ex , irrespective of its right or wrongs this can flow on to the kids. He might also have been tired.  I am with Fairgo on this, although  i wouldn't make the accusation of any "abuse" in your letter, rather suggest strategies to soothe changeovers and modelling repsectful behaviour.
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