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Prospective SRL

Prospective SRL finds it all very daunting

I've been reading the forums on SRL with interest and must confess that I find it all very daunting.  Months and sometimes years of litigation, legalese, problems, appeals, costs, bias, etc etc.

 Yet, my sister represented herself last year seeking orders regarding her 2 year old grand daughter and won her case. She completed an application and paid the court fees.  She said it was all pretty straightforward - told them what she wanted and everything she asked for was granted.   In fact, the judge wasn't too pleased with her ex-daughter-in-law's solicitor.  

 Are most cases as complex and difficult as I've been reading?  I only ask because my son is intending to represent himself and I'm wondering now whether my sister's case was an exception to the rule?
The SRL-R group will no doubt comment but no case is the same and that accounts for complexity. Also when one party is completely intransient in relation to contact arrangements things can easily become very protracted. A lot depends on how co-operative the parents are in these things. Matters that complicate issues often relate to family violence and substance abuse, property issues and settlement, relocation, financial support and a myriad of other issues along the way.

If the parents can sit down in an orderly fashion and think about the children's best interests before their own often things work out very quickly, amiably and co-operatively.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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To self represent effectively your son would need to put in a LOT OF WORK. That means spending time in the Family Court, sitting in on hearings, studying barristers and judges, learning how things are done. Reading Judgements published on the family court web site to understand how judges arrive at determinations and legal reasoning. Reading family law related materials. He should purchase the 'Australian Master Family Law Guide' from CCH. 

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