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Ex Doesn't want to work in chosen field studied years for.

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When they work out settlement I thought it went on the value of the home at separation not when settlement happens?

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Asset prices

The value of all assets is at the time of settlement, be it a house, super, a collection of sorts or what ever.

During the housing boom it was not unknown for the value of an asset to increase by 50% during a lengthy negotiation. At the same time I do recall one man buying out his wife and the value doubled in less than two years! He was a very happy man - his wife was not.

Remember that assets can go down in value, a car for example.

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Assets can devalue as well

Last year I was heavily involved in a case where there were both children's and property issues to be decided.

The trial lasted 8 day in two 4 day blocks in April and August. (Still awaiting a judgement too.)

There were $700K plus of real assets (after allowances for debt) When the couple first separated in late 2005.

By the time an updated valuation was done in March 2007, the asset pool had been reduced by over $150K. This was due to two factors:

1. Erosion of the value of the properties they owned, and

2. That the mortgages against the properties had mostly been paid out of a redraw facility against the mortgages.

The family had been significantly in front on the payments. They owned 3 properties. That a second became owner occupied instead of bringing in rent severely affected the cash flow of the family leaving the only earner unable to meet commitments for own needs, C$ and the mortgages.

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