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Stolen Goods From Property Settlement

Consent orders have been made and Items have to be made available to X but have been stolen due to a house break in.

Hi Everyone.

The situation I am in is that Consent Orders have been made and certain items have to be made available to the X.  All the items have been identified and were stored together.

Over the last two weeks my home has been broken into on two occasions and a lot of goods have been stolen, some of the goods were listed in the Consent Orders.

Does anyone know if I have to replace the goods that were listed in the consent Orders.

Due to the amount I had to pay lawyers I had to cut costs and one of those costs was house contents insurance so nothing was covered by insurance .

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hopefully you reported the break ins to the police and they have a record of the event and what was taken.

Obtain a copy of the report and the date, then draft a letter that explains the situation and if possible a list of other break ins that have occurred in the general area.

The idea is not to appease your X but to provide a valid reason why you are not responsible for the disappearance of the items.

Also provide a financial breakdown in preparation to assist the judge in understanding the enormous financial pressure you were under (in case it gets that far).

Basic idea is to establish a picture of your innocence in case you end up on breach of orders, this will also mean correspondence to your X's lawyer as courtesy, explain the situation in point view fact not emotionally, especially if you do not retain legal council.

Best of luck IsntLifeGrand and remember the less recorded and provable information you can provide the less your predicament can be established.
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