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Self representation at conciliation conference

Advice? Dos and donts? Help!

My partner has his conciliation conference coming up.

Our Australian Family Law ride so far has been full of downs and no ups.

Therefore, I'm terrified for him. Im expecting his 10years of hard work to all be awarded to her, including the large sums she stole from joint account immediately after separation, and the house she continues to live in but not pay the mortgage for.

Had a city lawyer represent for children's matters. I won't bother letting you know of the outcome for temporary orders. He is the Dad so I'm sure you can work it out! Lawyer led us to believe he stood a good chance of shared care. So we go into the conciliaton conference lawyer-less.

Getting back on track, please respond if you have any advice for him for the upcoming conciliation conference for financial and property matters.

Thanks in advance.
Why is he still paying the mortgage?

He needs to contact the bank and advise that the house is the subject of a family law matter and that they will be paid when the matter is resolved.
I stopped paying the mortgage on the house told the bank we are at court. I asked them to reposess the house to false auction/sale. I was honest and upfront with the current bank manager and the new finance company and I did not wreck my credit rating.

Also let CSA and Centrelink know you are paying mortgage on house and that can be deducted from CSA payments.
Best advice I can give is make sure your partner stays calm, even if the other side carry's on. The registrar will guide both parties through the process. If the other side makes an offer to settle, your partner doesn't have to (and probably shouldn't) agree then and there.

Make sure your partner has a good understanding of the principles of property settlement as outlined in the Family Law Act.

My partner is self representing for property and in his case the court registrar at the conferences and the magistrate have been extremely fair.   
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