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Research paper on percentage split of assets

The Australian Institute of Family Studies conducted a survey on who got what in properrty settelements in 1997. It looks at asset ranges (low, medium, high). basic and non basic assets and various other factors. It's an interesting read and shows that there is considerable variation in property settlements.
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There are some interesting general coments in thedocument which are indicative of outcomes.
Exceptions are absorbed into averages, yet some observations are worthy of consideration.

This extract from the report could be the basis of discussion.

Factors of influence

The factors related to the financial provisions of the Family Law Act that predict share received are:

The wife's share of assets is reduced , and the husband's share increased, in cases where non-basic assets (i.e., investments, businesses and farms) comprise a high proportion of the couple's asset wealth.
    Both the husband's and wife's share of assets is increased in cases where they are the resident parent.
      Other factors not included in the financial provisions also predicted share received. In particular, the share to the husband increased when he remained in the family home post-separation.

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