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Property settlement

the ex living in marital home and i have not seen any money and would like to get closure after 7 years

I would like to know how to get closure on this property settlement although no paperwork has ever been lodged through courts or otherwise.  Legal Aid is unable to help and keeps refusing my application.  After 7 long, long years - does anyone have any ideas as to how to proceed to finalise this issue?  The children are now residing with the father approx. 10 and 13 years old.  He has since remarried.  Is there any recourse?

There have never been any contact orders nor agreements made after the Divorce ever.
Because i have tried numerous times through legal aid and keep getting refused.  I have also tried private lawyers and when told bill will be in excess of $50 - i give up and refuse to pay out the money for something I may never see from the other side.
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