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Hi.  Briefly:

- Separated 8 months after 16yrs together

- I wish to retain the family home (it's in my name only)

- Wife wants to leave house to set up with (you guessed it) the other fella

- She has been in the house since separation with our 4 children, I agreed due to stability of children

- We agreed that I pay mortgage in lieu of child support (written agreement)

- Mortgage $1250 per fortnight

- I pay rent where I live

- I am seeking shared care (she is opposed to this - 3 nights per fortnight at the moment)

- At property settlement, is it taken into account that one party lived in the home while the other paid the mortgage?

- Also, compensation payments ($90,000) for injuries to one of the parties that has been paid in the last 6 yrs - how are they considered as contributions? As a result of the injuries the party has been permanently retired from the commonwealth workforce on grounds of invalidity.

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