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Overcoming unhelpful solicitors

I am currently trying to represent myself but my ex-wifes' solicitor is making things very difficult and I would appreciate any advice.

We have no kids and very few assets owing to a failed business but we still seem to be stuck trying to reach a financial settlement.

We did submit an application to the court but the registrar rejected it as it was too much in her favour and things have stalled ever since.

I have recently approached her, via her solicitor, to see if she would consider helping me with the monthly payments to loans as she had walked out and left me to pay everything. (I understand that if children were involved I could apply for "interim orders" in the case of financial hardship but this does not appear to be the case with my situation.) My rationale was that apart from being the right thing to do it would be in her best interests to help me protect the value of my/our only substantial asset (a block of vacant land) which is currently on the market and could be subject to a 'fire sale' if I can't keep up the payments.

The basic problem seems to be that my ex does not want to have anything to do with the assets and liabilities of the business. She is not a director or on any of the loans but I am informed that the family law treats it as a family business but she does not want to see it that way.

She also seems to think that anything that has happened since the date of our separation does not apply to her.

I have asked her solicitor to clarify why she believes her position to be correct but she will not respond.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Sorry to hear but quite common.

Family Relationship Centres, counselling, mediation, generous offer in writing so you can claim costs when she refuses… stand up to her but be prepared to lose shared assets together because of the market or circumstances - don't stress you will recover and be better off in the long run away from this situation.

Many women do not think they can lose. Lawyers do not disavow them of that because of the profit motive for them.

Hell was invented so evil people could be assigned to it in their lifetime. Let them dwell in that existence.

Act well and live with yourself because they will not be able to live with themselves.

Do what you can but keep sane, healthy and your friends.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
Remember a binding financial agreement for the next lovely lady who turns your head, too.

Saves a lot of heartache and anyone who wont sign a genuine one, you should be suspicious of anyway.

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