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I did it!! Self Represented Litigant

I self represented for a property settlement.
I was the respondent and I put 10 solid months of research as well as joined SRL resources in the community section.

The other party had a Silk for the trial and he gave me a real hard time before the trial but I stood my ground and I am so glad I did.
He threatened, ranted and tried to intimidate me into a settlement, their way, of course.
He told me that he could tell that I was an SRL and that I had no legal knowledge etc and etc
he said that he would put me on the stand for 3 hours and crucify me!
The FM would see that I was stupid (he called her by her first name) and it would all go their way.

I was mortified but I stood up to him and said that I knew the game he was playing.
So off to the court room we all went.

Well, it was not half as bad as he predicted.
He examined the X and then I cross examined and uncovered the fraud, lies etc, etc.
The Silk made a few big blunders as he did not really know his client as well as I did.
and he decided to save the best til last and whammo he did not get the answer he expected
but it was the one I expected. I really wanted to laugh.
Then it was day two and I was on the stand.
I did not give him any more info than what he asked for. I said "no" alot and when he tried to make me look like a liar
I stood my ground and said that I took the oath seriously and would not perjure myself.

Then in his summary he tried to end it with a personal insult to me and the FM objected.
So now we await her decision.
I'm glad that I self represented even though it was hard work and stressful but I don't have to find the money to pay legal expenses.
I don't think that legal representation will get me any greater percentage but if I had a barrister the x would have been exposed even more.
Well done. Keep us updated on the result.
Excellent! Good on you!

And the key to your success….. RESEARCH! And more RESEARCH!

The silk wasn't a guy called McPherson was it?

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