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Financial summary F13 part N - Child support & Spousal maintenance

Part N -Orders for maintenance, child support financial enforcement.

It is vital that you fill out this part correctly. It could have major ramifications on the support you pay or receive. Do not skimp on things like smoking or drinking, if you drink or smoke - DO NOT be embarrassed to admit you drink and smoke. It does happen!

Question 60 - Average weekly expenses.
Note that all figures are in weekly amounts.


As well as the weekly shopping, which will include the following: milk,breads, veggies( greens not lawyers), meat, pre prepared meals, breakfast foods, sweets, tined food, saurces, nuts, rice and ice cream, you have items such as food purchased at works canteens, fast food take away and  food at sporting events.







KIds school clothes

Kids normal clothes

Kids sport clubs clothes

Shoes/sport shoes


Shirts & Ties.

Coats/hats/clothes winter & summer

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