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Financial settlement query

I have been separated a few years ago and now ex is pushing for settlement. His contribution at marriage and during marriage was minimal due to our differing financial resources and incomes. Since separating I have continued to live in the home which was mine before marriage and have maintained all costs (mortgate, rates, maintenance etc). If he is pushing for settlement is it reasonable to apportion his share of these costs since separated and deduct from a settlement payout figure offered to him. Also the household items he took when he left are these still considered part of the pool? Thanks for your advice
The Household items taken at separation can be added back in as part of the Marital Pool for calculation purposes. It is completely reasonable to apportion his share of costs such as interest and mortgage costs contributed since separation and take into account.

The Act is fairly clear about separation and that assets are generally shared equally unless there is weighting given for things like one parent working , the other not and children requiring support etc.. The SRL-R have a complete forum on property matters which you should read. Getting matters resolved sooner than later would be a good move for all involved. You didnt say if therew ere any children involved as that would have a significant affect on the weighting for any calculations.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Yes there is a child involved (born post separation so both working during cohabitation but unbalanced income levels). Since birth I am not working as caring for child. This is a short marriage so I believe more weight is added to initial contribution.
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