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Double Dip - Spousal Maintenance following Property Settlement

Spousal Maintenance Claim - Following Property Settlement

Hi, I'm a first time user of this service and look forward to receiving some advice.

Having completed children's issues and property negotiations last year, and had stamped Minute of Consent Orders, the other party took transfer of assets and almost immediatley re-lodged an application for spousal maintenance. Next stage is Pre-Trial and I'll be attending as an SRL. The other party is undertaking a drawn out tertiary course, as a part time student, extending study expectations from 3 years to 8 years. Having commenced in 2006, post seperation, she plans to complete in late 2014, and is chasing spousal maintenance for the duration. She has prior qualifications but not a lot of recent work experience due to previous 'mild' injury, but managed to conduct a home based business, up to a year prior to seperation. Our child (school age) has a large network of family/friends close by, so her employment would not be significantly hampered by school timings.

Can anyone assist with advice on precedent resources specific to 'choosing to study, not take own financial responsibility', 'double dipping six weeks after asset transfer', 'spousal maintenance linked to other party's full time study load' or similar?

Wedgetail, I don't think the SRLR people will get too heavily involved in this one in a public forum because there is a chance of you identifying your case. You might be better off joining the SRLR and keeping your material private.
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