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Court Day today

Update to my property settlement.

I applied to the courts to have property settled after years of my ex not signing the agreement made at a legal aid conference (where he kept his super, I keep the house for a 50/50 split).

I had a letter from his solicitor requesting a number of documents supporting my financial statement and advising that his client (my ex) was NOT going to agree to the above. From that I am assuming he is going to go for more than 50% or try and force the sale of the house so he gets 50% of proceeds.

My solicitor has advised me that I don't need to be in court today as my ex has not filed any documents therefore the hearing today will merely be to instruct him to do so and then adjourn to October. It is being heard in the federal court by video link up. Personally I think that a huge waste of time and money (mine) and if I am required to provide documents prior to court then why not him? Anyway will keep you updated again next time something changes.

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