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Beneficial versus Legal Ownership

Statement of Claim - Anyone have examples???

Does anyone have any experience with Resulting Trust and an example of a "good" Statement of Claim application??

In Summary, In laws and myself are tenants in common equal share (it was required to get the Loan) they never intended to own the property but merely to get the loan.

I have been the only person who has contributed to ALL payments to the property including Morgage payments,  Council rates etc. The property was purchased for $250K and I have deposited over $185K into this property (from the proceeds of my other property). Now they want to lay claim because the relationship has "soured". I think it is unethical that they want 66% of the property. Is there a simple way out of this?

Does anyone have an example of a statement of claim form that addresses the legal principles/argument for the beneficial owner and or similar to this case??

Could you please send it to me, taking out the names and or addreses.

I appreciate any assistance that you can offer.

Thanking you,
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