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Amending final orders


I am a SRL and have filed for property case in the FMC. On the day of my first hearing the duty solicitor had a quick look at my application and said I should re-draft my final orders. What do I do now - is it just a matter of re-filing the initiating application with the new orders?

The document filed with the re-drafted Final Orders is titled Amended Final Orders.
The importance of having well drafted orders can not be understated. The orders are that which all are bound by and the need to get them correct is challenging.
Consider having a Family Law specialist give you an opimion as to what your outcome might be. Hiring one of these persons for an hour can be a good investment in the longer term. You can then return to doing your own correspondence and documents and keeping your money.
Getting the orders right though is important.

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Thanks for the advice. I did get a friend, who is a  lawyer but does not specialise in family law, to help with the drafting but obviously each field has it's only technical skill . I'm worried now as I have already had the first day in court last week.
The non-lawyer SRLs on this site would probably know a LOT more than a non-family-law solicitor. Trust me, I am one. And family law is still a bit of a mystery to me - it doesn't seem to have any real "rules" like other law does. I'm sure your friend was helpful but a specialist would be able to pick up additional points to be wary of.
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