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Procedural Hearing

Well I had my procedural hearing (Application in case) to have the lot moved interstate. On the up side the FM said no to an iterim hearing later this year. The FM did however say if the Respondent's Lawyer could get an earlier final hearing date interstate than set down it would be moved. To finalise the process I guess. Interestingly the FM did not have a copy of the Respondent's Application in a Case or Affidavit. The FM asked the Lawyer the date it was submitted, the lawyer didn't know I told him the date and he said "at least someone knows what is happening here".

The Lawyer seemed disorganised and took a lot of time to answer simple questions most of which the FM thought were flimsy by his responses. He explained to me that it would be in all parties best interests to have a final hearing as early as possible. I wasn't disappointed with the outcome and hope the Lawyer is still disorganised for the interim hearing. Fingers crossed but I am not getting over confident and will continue to cross reference affidavits etc for questions and build a strong case for my parenting orders.
This just shows that by taking the time to prepare you give yourself the necessary edge in showing how organized that you are and that you have taken the time to know your materials. Keep preparing for the final and don't start becoming complacent, which by the sounds of it I am sure you won't.  

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