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Phone recording of "someone" instructing my child on what to say

Hi All,

I have a recent recording on my mobile phone voicemail where you can hear "someone" (a female voice but I am not certain who that might be) telling my child what to say and my child repeating part of it before hanging up.

The next day my ex partner makes arrangements to stop letting my child see me as the child is diagnosed as being depressed, etc and it has now been 3 weeks since that happened.

I am not completely sure of what to make of what happened in my child's mind that caused the depression, etc but my ex used this reason as an excuse not to let me see our child. I have made several written requests for make-up time but all have been unanswered. Now, she wants to go to mediation and is dragging on the process.

I am seriously considering lodging an application for contravention or contempt but have been told that my ex could use something like "reasonable excuse" to counter my application.

What bothers me the most is what is heard on the voice recording: a female telling my child what to say and then my child feeling depressed all of a sudden. I think that it falls under the category of child abuse but cannot be 100% of it.

Has anyone ever dealt with something like that? What can I do to resume access? Any other useful advice I could have?

Thank you.
Ask for reason for the cessation of contact in writing. After considering this look at your options for a court application or mediation. Act on this matter ASAP as you do not want it to became the new status.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you"

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Fail contravention, make up time, and an order for costs, nobody will consider "depression" as a reasonable excuse. Emotional abuse of the children amounts to absolutely nothing in the Family court, I wouldn't even mention that.
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