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Parental alienation

Children being unfairly withheld

I recall sometime ago, maybe 2-3 years, reading about a decision in the Victorian Family Court to award sole care to the mother because she had turned their good relationship with the father against him to such an extent that the children now hated him. Hence the court felt it had no choice but to totally exclude the father from their lives. Does anyone know any details of this case and if so can you please point me in the direction of further information. Although I never thought it at the time, this is case is now directly relevant to my case. All help is greatly appreciated.
I think that you may be talking about Gaylard & Cain [2012] FMCAfam 501 (30 May 2012). However, this was a decision made in NSW not Victoria. I believe that it hit the headlines because the Judge (Federal Magistrate at the time) included a letter to the Children, to be given to them when they reach the age of 14, giving a brief overview of why the decision was made.

However, if this is not the Judgement that you are looking for then I suggest that you go to AUSTLII, select advanced search then CTRL click on; Commonwealth: Family Court of Australia, Commonwealth: Family Court of Austrlia (Full Court), Commonwealth: Federal Magistrates Court of Australia - Family Law and then enter an appropriate search argument (eg alienate) and the look through the listed decisions. Perhaps looking at the many decisions listed (343 were found this way) would give you an insight into the various considerations that have been made regarding alienation.
Thanks very much for your help. Having now read the documentation I'm convinced, thank goodness, my case has only a very superficial likeness with nothing like the depths.

Reading this and knowing how the justice system works in reality I'm not convinced the mother isn't justified.
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