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Opening Address/Change of consent orders

I understand that an opening address should briefly outline the orders I am asking the court to make and the evidence I offer in support of this. I attended a course recently and in my haste making notes, I have scribbled something about "similar cases". Is it appropriate to identify similar cases in an opening address? Is the correct protocol of identifying a case states as "ABC & XYZ [2008] FMCAFam 100". If not can you advise how this should be done. I have only found three cases with marked similarities to my issue.

Orders were agreed by consent some years ago and I am not asking that these orders change in any way. With only a few days to go before the first court date, I finally received a copy of my ex's Affidavit, in which he is requesting the existing orders be dismissed in favour of a complete change. The issue on which I am seeking adjudication is related to changing schools. Would a change of school be grounds to dismiss current orders?

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Would a change of school be grounds to dismiss current orders? said
  I would think probably not, it may warrant the orders to be varied,

It all depends on the situation and the circumstances, some questions cannot be answered  with a simple yes or no.

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