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Now it looks like court for us too

Hubby has been trying to arrange mediation with his ex for over a year now. And finally, she agreed, and they had their joint session tonight.

There are orders in place, but the recommendation of the Family Report Writer was for the child to live with the father for a period of time, and that is what he has been trying to discuss with the mother. The orders state the usual equal shared responsibility for long term issues such as education, and there is also an order that states that if either parent wishes to move, then new orders must be agreed to and signed before relocation.

The mother is moving tomorrow. She has already enrolled the child in another school. And she expects hubby to agree. Now she is moving closer, but not close enough for hubby to have any real involvement with the school, which has, for the last three years, been a real bone of contention. The child's school results have gotten worse with each passing year. The Family Report Writer also recommended 50/50 if both parents lived closer. The mother has stated that living near us is not an option that she considered.

So it looks like we will be working on an application for the court over the next few days. In theory, they are going to have another attempt at mediation, but the mother refused to consider the recommendation of the Family Report Writer at all.
hi i am going threw the same after 18 weeks she denied me any access only to receive a knock at the door the police serving me with a protection order all i did was after 3months with no contact left a message saying i carnet believe what your doing and you'll get yours that makes me a violent person she s scared  so now i have waited a further 2mths only to be told legal aid mediation cause she wanted that service .So waited another 4weeks finally i thought i see him soon 4hrs i waited only to be told will try again in 3 weeks why i had spent 45 min in over 5mths with my son everything is for her why boys need there dad even when there too young to talk I'm scared this will effect my son as i know from my life no father no one to show you how to deal with male issues just the thought of my son thinking i didn't care is really killing me he is my first son and i don't want him to not know me any help gratefully wanted
Boots I think you know what needs to be done in this one. Think BIC and tailor the arguments

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And now while she admits to "technically" breaching the orders, she will not allow the child to spend time with us until an agreement is reached. And then had the temerity to say, that the orders state that he only has access during the school holidays.

So as far as she is concerned, if he doesn't agree with her, then he won't see his child until September.
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