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Notice of address for service ?

I would like to know if you send the Notice to both the court and the other two parties in a case ?

Hi gang, new here and i'm sure it'll show. I have to send a Notice of address of service to the federal magistrates court as i an now unrepresented. I'm aware i have to send the Notice to the Court, but i'm unsure if i have to send it to my Ex and the ICL as they are both parties too i'm gonna asume that i do. Is that correct ?
Yes you do. Everything you file in court has to be served on the other party or parties. I've also recently become unrepresented and am still trying to get my head around the basics. I filed my notice of address for service on Monday in the Family Court and asked the same question. Whether it's different in the Federal Magistrates Court, I don't know?
Thanks, i figured as much and yep it's a paperwork nightmare, knowing what to file and who to is half the problem for S.R.L.'S as well I think… : ) Maybe there is an online resource for what you need to file to achieve a particular outcome in a courtroom setting ? That would be very handy : ) Good Luck with your case and thanks again !
As Iamnotanna says you do have to serve the other parties to the case with anything you file. with the court. A notice of address for service can be served to the other party's address for service (ie mailing address or email - look at what is on their documents) ie; it does not have to be served personally on them by a process server, just sent to there address for service as recorded with the court.
Obvious I know, just make sure the court stamps your Notice of Address before you serve it on the other party. I am still waiting for the court to stamp my Notice of Address and return a copy to me stamped despite asking three times by e-mail for them to do this.
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